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Removing Arsenic from Groundwater by Eating It.

by Adrian Page 18. February 2010 09:09

'The Devil’s Water' Continued –

‘Consuming the Arsenic’

High levels of arsenic continue to be found contaminating the groundwater of many regions of the world and for hundreds of millions of people this is the water they have to rely on for their drinking water supply.

Arsenic is one of the world’s most deadly killers.

It may take years to manifest and lead to a slow painful death.

With so many people at risk of arsenic poisoning, arsenicosis, it is imperative to find a remedy to mitigate arsenic from the groundwater.

A lot of filtration systems have been and are being tried and tested, many of which rely on chemicals to remove the arsenic.

But one born and bred Australian has taken a different approach – ‘Consuming the Arsenic’.


‘Consuming the Arsenic’ can also be linked with ‘The Devil’s Water’ audio – the ‘biggest mass poisoning of humans ever known’ due to one of the world’s most deadly killers - arsenic.

Listen to the ‘Audio’ extract here.

It is a massive story and one which ‘The Devil’s Water’ covers very much in depth.

Programme input can include;

Scientists, doctors, NGO’s, in the field locations.


‘The Devils’ Water’ is available in ‘Audio’ ‘Text’ and for ‘Photography’ please refer to ‘Reportage’ category.


The following ‘Audio’ is an extract of an extremely interesting interview with a lecturer in Environmental Microbiology at one of the UK’s leading universities. This lady is working not only on a safe, reliable and cost affective method of mitigating the arsenic, but also an environmentally friendly one.

A full version of ‘Consuming the Arsenic’ is available on request.


Listen to Audio:

Consuming The Arsenic -The Devil's Water Continued 1.mp3 (4.38 mb)

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