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'India - Death Knell For Snake Charming'

by adrian 9. July 2012 10:36

The death knell has sounded for India’s ancient tradition of Snake Charming.

Dating back thousands of years Snake Charming is now on the verge of extinction with a ban having been imposed. This ban affects millions of people throughout India who are involved with this ancient craft.

For conservationists the implementation of the ban could not have come soon enough.

'India - Death Knell For Snake Charming'


‘So your eldest son, 42 year old Subhash, could be the last generation of India’s snake charmers?” I asked Rishal. Nath

Rishal, now over 70 years old, lives in an isolated rural village in northern Indian.  He drew slowly on his hookar (smoking pipe), then raising his head, looked me straight in the eye - he nodded dejectedly. -------------

India is a country like no other full of colour, vibrant, and steeped in ancient traditions.

But times are changing, and for one group of people in particular whose traditions have been handed down from father to sons for millennia now find their way of life has all but come to an end – India’s Snake Charmers or Saperas as they are often referred to.

One of the major attractions for tourists visiting India has been to see first hand India’s snake charmers performing their mystical craft – India without snake charmers would be like India without the Taj Mahal – unbelievable.

Unbelievable or not today India’s Snake Charmers can no longer perform their ancient craft, the last in their bloodline now have to seek alternate means to earn a living.

Whatever the outcome India and the rest of the world is witnessing the last generation of India’s snake charmers - the end of the line.

Soon it will be said that India was once the land of Snake Charmers.

Full feature available 'India - Death Knell For Snake Charming' is about India's Snake Charming community and the effect this ban is having on them.

It also includes the views of a prominent figure with one of India's major wildlife organisations.

This feature is not just concerning wildlife, but also the humanitarian aspect and the affect this ban has had on millions of people around India and their concerns for future generations within the Snake Charming community.

Aspects covered in 'India - Death Knell For Snake Charming' include:

* What the ancient craft of snake charming means to India.

* The lifestyle of India's snake charmers.

* In the field - how to catch a Cobra - care and attention of the snakes.

* Beyond snake charming - other areas of their expertise.

* The effect the ban has had on the snake charming community.

* The conservationist's views regards snake charming.

* The remedy - Humanitarian - Wildlife Organization verses Snake Charmers.



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