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Decline in Vultures leads to increase in Rabies.

by Adrian Page 14. October 2009 08:57

‘From Vultures to Street Dogs’

The ‘most rapid decline of any species on the planet’ has given rise to cause for concern for human health and welfare in India. A country with a population of over one billion people.

Fifteen years ago tens of millions of vultures could be seen riding the thermals across the skies of the Indian Sub-continent.

Their vast numbers coincided with an abundance of food available, particularly livestock. It would take raptors just minutes to strip a carcass clean to the bones.

Today these same skies are almost devoid of vultures, their numbers having plummeted and today these majestic birds are now on the verge of extinction.

The vulture’s demise has been found to be due to the use of a veterinary drug used for treating livestock.

With no competition from vultures and an abundance of food street dog numbers have increased dramatically just as have the number of cases of rabies.

This neglected disease is said to contribute to more deaths worldwide than other infectious diseases such as Dengue Fever, Japanese Encephalitis or Polio.

It now seems that several other species could be following these vultures demise and that the continent of Africa might not be spared.

'From Vultures to Street Dogs’ is an excellent example as to how important conservation is especially in regards to human health and wellbeing.


The following audio is an outline of ‘From Vultures to Street Dogs’.

Programme input can include; Government and involved NGO’s. In the field locations.


Listen to the Audio:

From Vultures to Street Dogs.mp3 (6.42 mb)

This audio extract commences with an interview with the International Species Recovery Officer regarding the decline of these vultures. This is followed by another interview with the Head of the Vulture Advocacy Programme to learn some more about what has been occurring. Finally it is a walk around the Vulture Conservation and Breeding Centre with the Principle Scientist.


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