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Kashmiri Pandits From The Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir Are Losing Their Culture, Language, And Traditions.

by Adrian Page 1. May 2010 08:19

This report investigates;

‘Plight of the Kashmiri Pandits – Their Paradise Lost’

For centuries writers and poets have waxed lyrical about the Kashmir Valley, considered the ‘Jewel in India’s Crown’.
This fertile land and invigorating clean crisp air generated by the snow capped Himalayan Mountains captivated Mogul Emperor Jehangir to the point he exclaimed when he first set eyes on the Valley, ‘If there is paradise anywhere on earth it is here!’

This ‘Paradise on Earth’, Kashmir has many distinct facets one being the people – the Kashmiri ‘Pandits’

‘Pandits’ are Hindus who are considered wise, learned people, 100% literate and their field of expertise is boundless from art, literature, religion, science and more.

Hindu’s ruled Kashmir up until the 14th century and history shows that during this period their contribution particularly in the fields of archaeology, literature and philosophy have been embraced by Indian society as a whole.

This investigation reveals what has occurred to the Kashmiri Pandits, a minority group, in recent decades.

Why over 350 000 men, women and children ‘where hounded’ out of their beloved Kashmir Valley leaving behind all they owned apart from what they managed to carry.

To take up refuge in makeshift camps in Jammu

That was almost twenty years ago.

Today thousands of men, women and children still remain ‘living’ in the squalid camps.

Camps can best be described as being ‘worse than living in refugee
camps’ - unbelievably so ‘refugees’ living in their own country!

Just one room to accommodate the whole family where husband, wife and children all eat, sleep and entertain, whilst outside are the squalid communal toilet and bathing facilities.

The environment of the compounds that these people have to endure leaves much to be desired. Their clean fertile Kashmir Valley has given way to open drains, dirt and stones where the Pandits attempt to grow vegetables in the baron soil.
Many of these children were born in these camps and know no other lifestyle.
Cramped unhygienic living conditions have given rise to a variety of diseases and with the death rate rapidly out pacing a declining birth rate it is little wonder that those Kashmiri’s who remain surviving in the camps view their future as being very bleak.

Just like the Tibetans, Kashmiri Pandits greatest fear is the loss of their language, their culture and traditions, but unlike the Tibetans the world knows little if anything of their plight.

They may be a minority group with little voice, but the voice of one Kashmiri Pandit clad in traditional attire spoke out for many exclaiming, ‘I can not understand why the world doesn’t care about us!’


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Removing Arsenic from Groundwater by Eating It.

by Adrian Page 18. February 2010 09:09

'The Devil’s Water' Continued –

‘Consuming the Arsenic’

High levels of arsenic continue to be found contaminating the groundwater of many regions of the world and for hundreds of millions of people this is the water they have to rely on for their drinking water supply.

Arsenic is one of the world’s most deadly killers.

It may take years to manifest and lead to a slow painful death.

With so many people at risk of arsenic poisoning, arsenicosis, it is imperative to find a remedy to mitigate arsenic from the groundwater.

A lot of filtration systems have been and are being tried and tested, many of which rely on chemicals to remove the arsenic.

But one born and bred Australian has taken a different approach – ‘Consuming the Arsenic’.


‘Consuming the Arsenic’ can also be linked with ‘The Devil’s Water’ audio – the ‘biggest mass poisoning of humans ever known’ due to one of the world’s most deadly killers - arsenic.

Listen to the ‘Audio’ extract here.

It is a massive story and one which ‘The Devil’s Water’ covers very much in depth.

Programme input can include;

Scientists, doctors, NGO’s, in the field locations.


‘The Devils’ Water’ is available in ‘Audio’ ‘Text’ and for ‘Photography’ please refer to ‘Reportage’ category.


The following ‘Audio’ is an extract of an extremely interesting interview with a lecturer in Environmental Microbiology at one of the UK’s leading universities. This lady is working not only on a safe, reliable and cost affective method of mitigating the arsenic, but also an environmentally friendly one.

A full version of ‘Consuming the Arsenic’ is available on request.


Listen to Audio:

Consuming The Arsenic -The Devil's Water Continued 1.mp3 (4.38 mb)

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The Lifestyle of Mongolia’s Children and the Environment of Ulaanbaatar.

by Adrian Page 5. November 2009 09:29

Mongolia’s Future – Its Children

Mongolia is very much a country of extremes with deserts and snow capped mountains whilst its capital Ulaanbaatar, considered to be the coldest capital city in the world, has a harsh unforgiving climate which the people have to endure.

Although the country's population is small, under three million people, many are moving from the rural areas in search of a better future in the big city.

Over one million people now live in and around Ulaanbaatar and the demand on resources and infrastructure grows.

With Mongolia’s future lying in the hands of its children – this feature looks at what the future might hold for them especially those living in the nation’s capital Ulaanbaatar and the surrounding ‘Ger’ districts in terms of health and wellbeing.

Included will be a brief outline of Mongolia’s history from 1990 when a major political transition occurred that triggered widespread unemployment and poverty driving many rural dwellers off the land to seek a new life in the city.

This feature will have an added dimension in that it will not just concentrate on the human element, but also look at the impact that both humans and industry is having on the environment in and around Ulaanbaatar.


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Ganga (Ganges) River Dolphins Help Gauge The Sign Of A Healthy River System.

by Adrian Page 5. November 2009 09:13

‘A Goddess – The Ganga’

The River Ganga’s (Ganges) religious significance makes it unique amongst all the world’s major river systems.

It is revered by hundreds of millions of people in India and around the world who regard the Ganga as a ‘Goddess’. It is considered a symbol of ‘cleanliness and purity’.

But is the Ganga so clean and pure – this feature investigates.

It will reveal the impact that hundreds of millions of people whose livelihoods depend on the Ganga is having on the river system.

Covering the course of this mighty river from high in the Himalayas at Gaumukh before it traverses Northern India to the where the ‘Mouths of the Ganga’ enter the Bay of Bengal.  

It also looks at wildlife and in particular India’s earliest protected species, the Ganga (Ganges) River Dolphin which are said to be the flagship of a healthy river. These have declined to an alarming level and are now listed as ‘highly endangered’ by the IUCN.

The Ganga’s religious significance is also an aspect included in this investigation.

What this river means to so many millions of people in India and around the world, and the consequences this is having on the ‘Goddess Ganga’.


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Decline in Vultures leads to increase in Rabies.

by Adrian Page 14. October 2009 08:57

‘From Vultures to Street Dogs’

The ‘most rapid decline of any species on the planet’ has given rise to cause for concern for human health and welfare in India. A country with a population of over one billion people.

Fifteen years ago tens of millions of vultures could be seen riding the thermals across the skies of the Indian Sub-continent.

Their vast numbers coincided with an abundance of food available, particularly livestock. It would take raptors just minutes to strip a carcass clean to the bones.

Today these same skies are almost devoid of vultures, their numbers having plummeted and today these majestic birds are now on the verge of extinction.

The vulture’s demise has been found to be due to the use of a veterinary drug used for treating livestock.

With no competition from vultures and an abundance of food street dog numbers have increased dramatically just as have the number of cases of rabies.

This neglected disease is said to contribute to more deaths worldwide than other infectious diseases such as Dengue Fever, Japanese Encephalitis or Polio.

It now seems that several other species could be following these vultures demise and that the continent of Africa might not be spared.

'From Vultures to Street Dogs’ is an excellent example as to how important conservation is especially in regards to human health and wellbeing.


The following audio is an outline of ‘From Vultures to Street Dogs’.

Programme input can include; Government and involved NGO’s. In the field locations.


Listen to the Audio:

From Vultures to Street Dogs.mp3 (6.42 mb)

This audio extract commences with an interview with the International Species Recovery Officer regarding the decline of these vultures. This is followed by another interview with the Head of the Vulture Advocacy Programme to learn some more about what has been occurring. Finally it is a walk around the Vulture Conservation and Breeding Centre with the Principle Scientist.


‘From Vultures to Street Dogs’ is available as 'Audio' at a length to suit your requirements and 'Text' at a word count also to suit your requirements.

Revealing what has occurred, the cause, its ramifications and what is being done to try and address the problem.  

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Arsenic Contaminated Groundwater - 'The Devil's Water'

by Adrian Page 8. October 2009 05:43

‘The Devil’s Water’

‘The biggest mass poisoning of humans’ due to arsenic poisoning.

This investigation covers what many consider to be ‘the worst environmental health disaster ever known’ which continues to grow.

Its epicentre is located in parts of Northern India and Bangladesh.

Not only are these some of the most densely populated regions of the world they are also some of the most impoverished.

Here approximately 500 million people are at risk of arsenic poisoning from drinking high levels of this tasteless killer arsenic that is contaminating the aquifers people rely upon for their ‘safe’ drinking water supply.

More and more locations are being found to have groundwater containing high levels of arsenic, not just on the Sub-Continent, but also in other countries especially throughout Asia.

Whilst the scientific community continues to try and understand what is occurring geologically, medical science grapples with diagnosis and treatment of Arsenicosis. A disease that takes many years to manifest and can lead to a lingering painful death as many have and are experiencing.

Now there is cause for concern with evidence emerging that the threat from arsenic poisoning is not just confined to drinking contaminated groundwater, but also from eating certain food products particularly rice.


The following audio is an outline of ‘The Devil’s Water’ – the ‘biggest mass poisoning of humans ever known’ due to one of the world’s most deadly killers - arsenic.

It is a massive story and one which ‘The Devil’s Water’ covers very much in depth.

Programme input can include;

Scientists, doctors, NGO’s, in the field locations.


Listen to the Audio:

The Devil's Water 1Web.mp3 (6.76 mb)

This audio extract commences at a hospital in Dhaka speaking to a doctor regarding arsenicosis before travelling to a rural village to hear from a person suffering from this painful disease. From here the attention turns to irrigating crops and an interview with a prominent scientist who is involved with the uptake of arsenic by certain crops particularly rice.


The Devils’ Water’ is available as 'Audio' at a length to suit your requirements and 'Text' at a word count also to suit your requirements.

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