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Mole hills are part of the English landscape, but they can have a devastating effect on cattle

by adrian 16. January 2012 08:00

'To Catch a Mole'

Moles and their hills are very much a part of the countryside. They are to be found in many locations the length and breadth of Britain, but is there more to the mole and its hills than meets the eye.

The mole catching ‘high’ season spreads throughout most of the cold winter period and generally lasts for about four months. This is the time of year moles are most active.

During this time many professional mole catchers will be working from dawn to dusk seven days a week.

One professional mole catcher from Cheshire revealed that he caught as many as 60 moles in one field over a period of one month alone. The most he has caught in one year he stated as being about 8000.

What is the problem with moles and their hills?

This depends on their location.

Gardens and sports fields for example they are unsightly, intrusive, and even their tunnels cause a problem in crating cavities in the surface of the lawn / playing field.

But for farmers their presence can be far more of a problem. When cutting grass for cattle feed if just a small amount of soil from the molehill becomes mixed in with the grass the grass will become contaminated and have a detrimental affect on any cattle that consumes it.

One farmer called for the return of strychnine as being the most efficient way to control the mole population.


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