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The Lifestyle of Mongolia’s Children and the Environment of Ulaanbaatar.

by Adrian Page 5. November 2009 09:29

Mongolia’s Future – Its Children

Mongolia is very much a country of extremes with deserts and snow capped mountains whilst its capital Ulaanbaatar, considered to be the coldest capital city in the world, has a harsh unforgiving climate which the people have to endure.

Although the country's population is small, under three million people, many are moving from the rural areas in search of a better future in the big city.

Over one million people now live in and around Ulaanbaatar and the demand on resources and infrastructure grows.

With Mongolia’s future lying in the hands of its children – this feature looks at what the future might hold for them especially those living in the nation’s capital Ulaanbaatar and the surrounding ‘Ger’ districts in terms of health and wellbeing.

Included will be a brief outline of Mongolia’s history from 1990 when a major political transition occurred that triggered widespread unemployment and poverty driving many rural dwellers off the land to seek a new life in the city.

This feature will have an added dimension in that it will not just concentrate on the human element, but also look at the impact that both humans and industry is having on the environment in and around Ulaanbaatar.


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