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Australia's Indigenous Community - Their unique Artwork

by adrian 14. March 2013 08:17
'Australia's Indigenous Community - Their Art'
The style of artwork produced by Australia’s indigenous artists is unique and instantly recognised around the world.

Throughout Australia it is found in galleries and a variety of retail outlets especially those related to tourism.

However, this is mainstream Australia.

This investigation is an insight into indigenous art from the perspective of the Australian indigenous community themselves. .

Where their unique form of art fits into their lifestyle and what it means to them.

Does the Australian Indigenous community consider that there artwork has a place in enhancing mainstream Australian communities just like it does their own. Not just to sell in tourist shops, but enhancing anything from buildings to lamppost – enabling mainstream Australia to displaying recognition of the nation’s indigenous people?

The feature available 'Australia's Indigenous Community - Their Art' includes:

A brief history of their indigenous art and how it has developed / changed over time - if at all.
Their interpretation of their art - such as to the use of the environment, colour, style.
Ascertain where art fits into their lifestyle, their culture / tradition – what it means to them.
Reveal how indigenous artist’s creative skills are used to enhance their own communities where they live – buildings etc.
The next generation – is there an interest to learn from their elders and maintain the unique style of Australia’s indigenous art.
From an indigenous perspective - does mainstream Australia appreciate their art?
From their point of view is there a place / should more recognition be given for their artwork / designs in mainstream Australia beyond the retail outlets.



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