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Research Reveals Elevated Levels Of Inorganic Arsenic In Food – Risk Of Arsenic Poisoning Now A Global Concern

by Adrian Page 4. May 2010 10:36

‘The Devil’s Water’ Continued -

Rice – How Safe?

More and more countries particularly throughout SE Asia are discovering elevated levels of arsenic contaminating their groundwater. This water people access via tube wells for their ‘safe’ drinking water supply and for irrigating their crops.

Research now reveals that rice is highly susceptible to the uptake of arsenic thus the threat to human health and wellbeing is now global.

This report looks at rice; the staple food for over half the world’s population.

It will reveal how:-

Research has uncovered that rice and many dietary products derived from rice commercially available on supermarket shelves around the world represent a significant dietary source of inorganic arsenic –a chronic carcinogenic.

“Infants and young children of all ethnicities generally have higher exposures to inorganic arsenic via rice than adults when considered on a body mass basis.” A Professor at the forefront t of this research stated.

Following analysis of UK baby rice it was found that 35% of the baby rice samples analysed would have been illegal for sale in China with its stringent regulatory limit of 0.15 mg/kg inorganic arsenic.

But these findings seem to be just the tip of the iceberg with many other dietary products found to contain elevated levels of carcinogenic inorganic arsenic.

Rice milk for example, often used by vegans and lactose intolerant sufferers as an alternative to cow’s milk.

Rice-bran products are becoming an increasingly popular ingredient for use in foods and dietary supplements targeted particularly at ‘health food’ conscious people.

“Of all the widely available commercial rice products, rice-bran was found to contain the highest arsenic content,” stated the concerned Professor.

A powdered form of rice-bran is produced known as ‘rice-bran solubles’, and when mixed with water it makes a very ‘nutritional’ drink.

This product would seem ideal for distribution internationally in food aid programmes to malnourished children in the developing world – which it is.

But should it be?

It seems ironic that rice is the basis of so many products produced which form a large percentage of the food .consumed by health conscious people such as those on a macrobiotic diet.

A disturbing fact is that globally many people are oblivious that they could be ingesting rice products containing harmful levels of inorganic arsenic – a chronic human carcinogen.

Something seriously needs to be done. Sooner rather than later, and beyond writing ‘health warnings’ on food products available in supermarkets

Perhaps now it is evident that this is a global issue and not just confined to affecting people in the developing world. More concern will be given especially by policy makers in addressing this ‘mass poisoning of humans’.


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Fluorosis Is A Disease Which Occurs From Ingesting Too Much Fluoride – A Deadly Poison.

by Adrian Page 1. May 2010 08:29

This investigation looks into;

Fluorosis – An Agonising Death

“People do not die immediately. People die a little each day inch by inch. They may live 70 years with an unproductive life, an agonising life until the end of their day.”

“If the fatality rate would have been high I always said that it would have been better as neither would they suffer and it would have caught the attention of governments.”

Lamented one of the world’s leading authorities regarding fluoride and the affect it has on the human body.

Many people, particularly in the developing world, have to rely on tube wells that tap into underground aquifers to access the daily drinking water supply. Unbeknown to them the groundwater they rely on could be contaminated with elevated levels of fluoride.

“Following a survey conducted in 1998 it was found that 60 million people were affected by fluoride in India alone. Now I would estimate that figure to be about 75 million with 6 million being children under the age of 14.”

UNCEF reports that fluorosis is endemic in at least 25 countries across the globe. The WHO estimated that 2.7 million people in China alone are suffering from the crippling form of skeletal fluorosis.

“I am absolutely certain that large numbers of persons all around the world are suffering from fluoride toxicity, to one degree or other,”

“Fluoride being a deadly poison does not spare any tissue or cell in the body.” 

“It can develop dental fluorosis in children; it can develop skeletal fluorosis affecting the bones, and the third entity are all the soft tissues in the body such as the muscles, the blood vessels, stomach lining, testicles and ovaries. This we designate as non skeletal fluorosis.”

“It is not a curable disease in the conventional medical terminology. There are no medicines for fluorosis.”

Fluoride and the Western World

People in the Western World are not immune to this crippling disease – fluororsis.

The Professor.

“In the Western World the problem does not occur in groundwater, but in food where fluoride is used as a preservative and it is so high. Just like it is in medication too.”

“A large number of people in the Western World have fluorosis but doctors are not aware of non skelital fluorosis. They do not know how to diagnosis for this disease.”
“Fluoride poisoning can be linked with so many other complaints such as iritable bowel syndrom and poly urethra.”

“Countries like US, UK, Canada, NZ and Australia promote fluoride. Fluoridating drinking water and toothpaste say it’s good for teeth.”

“But now we understand fluorosis far better, and countries like Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands have all stopped fluoridation because of the health effects.”

“Why these five countries continue with fluoridation is not that they do not know about it, they are fully aware of the health hazards to millions of people -----------.”


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Removing Arsenic from Groundwater by Eating It.

by Adrian Page 18. February 2010 09:09

'The Devil’s Water' Continued –

‘Consuming the Arsenic’

High levels of arsenic continue to be found contaminating the groundwater of many regions of the world and for hundreds of millions of people this is the water they have to rely on for their drinking water supply.

Arsenic is one of the world’s most deadly killers.

It may take years to manifest and lead to a slow painful death.

With so many people at risk of arsenic poisoning, arsenicosis, it is imperative to find a remedy to mitigate arsenic from the groundwater.

A lot of filtration systems have been and are being tried and tested, many of which rely on chemicals to remove the arsenic.

But one born and bred Australian has taken a different approach – ‘Consuming the Arsenic’.


‘Consuming the Arsenic’ can also be linked with ‘The Devil’s Water’ audio – the ‘biggest mass poisoning of humans ever known’ due to one of the world’s most deadly killers - arsenic.

Listen to the ‘Audio’ extract here.

It is a massive story and one which ‘The Devil’s Water’ covers very much in depth.

Programme input can include;

Scientists, doctors, NGO’s, in the field locations.


‘The Devils’ Water’ is available in ‘Audio’ ‘Text’ and for ‘Photography’ please refer to ‘Reportage’ category.


The following ‘Audio’ is an extract of an extremely interesting interview with a lecturer in Environmental Microbiology at one of the UK’s leading universities. This lady is working not only on a safe, reliable and cost affective method of mitigating the arsenic, but also an environmentally friendly one.

A full version of ‘Consuming the Arsenic’ is available on request.


Listen to Audio:

Consuming The Arsenic -The Devil's Water Continued 1.mp3 (4.38 mb)

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Affects from ingesting too much Fluoride

by Adrian Page 23. October 2009 08:58

‘Fluorosis an Agonising Death’


 The following audio is an outline of a subject which is available in ‘Audio’ and ‘Text’ regards fluoride and the effects too much can have on the human body. Fluoride is promoted in some countries around the world as being beneficial to human health.

But could this be a misconception.

Worldwide millions of people are suffering from fluorosis. This is a crippling, agonising disease that can occur in early childhood and continue into old age.

In the developed world in particular fluorosis could be being misdiagnosed for other ailments.

Fluorosis is a disease that occurs as a result of consuming too much ‘of a good thing’ – fluoride. This is usually from drinking groundwater that contains high levels of fluoride, but by no means is it the only way.

Fluoride can be ingested from a variety of sources and can affect most parts of the human body including bones as well as the soft tissues.


Listen to the Audio:

Fluorosis An Agonising Death.mp3 (6.76 mb)

This audio extract is part of an interview with an eminent professor who has been studying the affects fluoride has on the human body for many years.


‘Fluorosis an Agonising Death’ is available as ‘Audio’ at a length to suit your requirements and ‘Text’ at a word count also to suit your requirements. 

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