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Tourism - Java - 'Jogja - Not Yoga'

by adrian 17. October 2014 09:04

The following is a brief outline of a location that I could produce as a feature travel destination.

'Jogja - Not Yoga' 


 Yogyakarta - or as it is often referred to 'Jogja' - is located on the Indonesian island of Java

  This feature would cover what 'Jogja' and the surrounding area has to offer as a travel destination.


From beaches to mountains to aw inspiring UNESCO world heritage listed monuments.

It will also reveal what Yogyakarta has to offer within the confines of this friendly city.

From temples, historical heritage buildings, and monuments to bustling local markets and high class plazas.

Even if local crafts are not high on ones list this location cannot help, but impress.

Yogyakarta has craft work of the highest calibre such as batik, and silver and gold ware much of which is still being produced as it was in years gone by.

This feature could cover in depth some of the craft aspects of Yogyakarta. 

Such as silver and goldsmiths who are still producing their work in a similar fashion just as their forefathers did.

Good connecting flights to Singapore make Yogyakarta an interesting international destination whether for a vacation or a stopover for travellers on route to places further a field.

Focal points could include -

* Background to Yogyakarta and the region

* Geographical locations 

* Local and regional sites 

* Yogyakarta - accommodation, transport getting around - including on foot,

   what to see - including off the beaten track.




 Craftsmanship of the Highest Quality

Adding a different dimension to the tourism, travel feature could be an in-depth account of the craft industry such as that associated with silver and gold craftwork being produced of the highest quality. Craftsmen still using many of the technics they learnt from their forefathers and are only too willing to demonstrate their skills to any interested party.



A range of images are available to select from including that associated with the craft industry to support this feature. 

See Photography - Tourism - Java 

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'Plight Of The Khasi Tribe'

by adrian 9. July 2012 10:28

Verging on extinction – this is the scenario for many of the world’s ancient tribes along with their traditions and cultures. Yet many of these tribes have much to offer today’s modern mainstream world. The Khasi Tribe of Meghalaya is one such tribe.

'Plight Of The Khasi Tribe'


In this high tech material world we have created (we live in today) there is now a great emphasis for us all to generate more consideration for the environment.

But this is not a new phenomenon. Some ‘lesser’ mortals have been dependent on the environment for their sustainability for generations. Their lifestyle has been one of harmonising with nature

Meghalaya is one of India’s youngest states only coming into fruition in 1972 and at this point in time gave this states major tribes their own tribal lands - the Garos, the Jantia, and the largest tribe the Khasi.

Relying on nature and the environment for their sustainability over the generations the Khasi people have learnt how to work with, and use nature and the environment - not destructively, but in a sustainable way. Passing this knowledge on down through the generations.

In relative terms many areas of Meghalaya are unspoilt – mountains still covered with a variety of trees and vegetation through which many crystal clear rivers and streams flow, and where a vast variety of flora and fauna thrives - nature at its best. The question is how long will this last in our ‘modern’ world.

Possibly the best chance is if left to tribes people like the Khasi

For many of the Khasi tribe their very existence is harmonising with nature and for them the material world means far less.

There is a great deal that the ‘modern’ mainstream world can learn and benefit from these people’s bountiful ancient traditional knowledge.

By no means should these traditional tribes be dismissed and forgotten.

But there is great concern amongst the Khasi about the demise of their ancient traditions and culture particularly those concerning the environment, health, language and possibly one of the most important, the Elders.   

Aspects covered in 'Plight Of The Khasi Tribe' include:

The lifestyle of the Khasi people

What instigated the 'Plight of the KhasiTribe'

Are they working to rekindle their ancient traditions and culture.

What are the views of the younger generation.

This subject has been covered in depth and has input from Khasi people involved in an variety of activities concerning the 'Plight of the KhasiTribe'.

First hand input regards rural Khasi lifestyle offers an interesting insight of these proud Khasi people..



For images please refer to ‘Photography’ - ‘Reportage’ category and 'Plight of the Khasi Tribe'.


Refer to ‘Audio’ and 'Plight of the Khasi Tribe' to listen to audio extracts.

This subject, 'Plight of the Khasi Tribe' has been covered in depth and has input from people involved - Snake Charmers and conservationists.


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